Harness the power of ultrasound assisted liposuction

FAQs about VASER

Vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. It is a specialised ultrasound technology used to break down fat cells by sending out ultrasonic frequency waves.

VASERlipo is an advanced body contouring and tissue-selective sculpting procedure. It is used to remove unwanted fat deposits from many areas of the body through a process of suction and natural excretion, revealing a more shaped body that can be hard to achieve by exercise and healthy eating alone. VASERlipo is clinically proven to produce wonderful results in treated areas, leaving your skin polished and body toned.

The area of the body to be treated is filled with a special saline solution that helps shrink the blood vessels and numb the site (to reduce bruising and minimise blood loss). The solution wets and fills the area to be reshaped, making it easier to break up the fat with the VASER System’s ultrasonic sound energy. The VASER ultrasound is a solid probe that diffuses sound energy to emulsify or “liquefy” fat while largely preserving important tissues. The process has smooth and predictable outcomes.

With VASERlipo procedure, you can achieve stunning results you’ll notice right away. The technique has been exclusively designed for those who want to look more beautiful, who want to have a well-toned physical structure. The treatment can also help you improve self-esteem and project a better image.

VASER Hi Def® LipoSculpture is a pioneering body contouring method. The process involves creating a carved and fit appearance by removing the unwanted fat deposits around muscle groups, making muscles look more defined. The procedure can be performed on multiple body areas but the most popular include: thighs, arms, flanks, back, buttocks, waist, abdomen and chest.

Currently, liposuction is one of the most popular surgical procedures for fat removal, with thousands of people opting for this cosmetic treatment each year. However, many are now looking for less painful and safer alternatives to any form of traditional liposuction. People now increasingly prefer VASERlipo, which is a minimally invasive ultrasound, body contouring technology that selectively removes unwanted fat deposits while keeping other important tissues, such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue, relatively intact. In a recent survey, Liposuction  surgeons using Vaserlipo reported the following treatment benefits:

  • Fast patient recovery
  • Precise body sculpting and feathering
  • Improved skin retraction
  • Less post-operative swelling, bruising and pain
  • Reduced number of recurring treatments
  • Minimal avulsion (damage) to thetissue matrix
  • Smooth contours in all body areas


  • VASERlipo is an innovative body sculpting option that uses patented VASER® technology to break up and permanently remove unwanted fat, while minimally disturbing other important tissues critical to an optimal recovery and smooth results.
  • VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance.
  • Until now, traditional surgical fat removal procedures have been more about mechanical avulsion and suction of fatty tissue (including surrounding nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue).


  1. The physician makes a tiny incision in the targeted area, and infuses a saline solution mixed with lidocaine and epinephrine to help shrink blood vessels and numb the area to be treated.
  2. The physician then inserts a small patented probe that emits ultrasonic waves to selectively break up fat deposits, leaving important tissues relatively intact.
  3. Once the fatty tissue is emulsified, it can be removed through the small incision with massage and/or controlled suction designed to be gentle.  Any residual fatty tissue not removed from the body is either absorbed or smoothly reshaped to the patient’s contour.


  • Blood vessels are minimally disrupted = Vaserlipo patients report low to minimal bruising.
  • Nerves are minimally disrupted = Vaserlipo patients report low to minimal pain.
  • Connective tissues are minimally disrupted = Vaserlipo patients & physicians report smooth, predictable results and tight contours.


  • Physicians report success in treating all of the following areas: abdomen, thighs, knees, buttocks, hips, back, arms, breasts, love handles, chin and neck areas.
  • The VASER System’s versatility and precision allows for efficient treatment of various tissue types – from very delicate to very fibrous.
  • The Vaserlipo procedure is performed in a clean environment such as a doctor’s office, an outpatient surgery center or a hospital.

VASER Hi Def® LipoSculpture works through the removal of both deep and superficial fat that surrounds muscle groups for the enhancement of underlying toning and musculature. While the goal of a normal liposuction procedure is just to remove unwanted fat to make a person leaner, Vaser Hi def demands a surgeon to go one step further, going into places previously off limits to liposuction and sculpting the body in such a way never before achieved by traditional liposuction. 

Body for men – VASER Hi Def® LipoSculpture for men allows the development of six pack abs; facilitate pectoral augmentation, chest definition, muscle definition and definition of arms and shoulders.

Body for women – VASER Hi Def® LipoSculpture for women includes definition of the abs, buttocks augmentation, sacral dimples and smaller waistline.

Most people are actually good candidates for VASER Hi Def®. A good candidate for VASER Hi Def® LipoSculpture must be in good health, has realistic expectations, has good muscle tone without excess amounts of fat or elastic skin, and does not have significant medical problems, such as lung or heart disease, diabetes, or poor blood circulation.

Dr. Claudine S. Roura is the first liposurgeon in the Philippines, skilled and certified to perform VASER High Definition LipoSculpture, 4DLipo and HD tummy tuck surgery. Based on her training and extensive years of experience since 2008. Dr. Roura has refined her technique and delivered many wonderful results.

The outcomes of Hi-Def LipoSculpture is a highly defined and chiseled physique as the surgery reshapes muscle structures to give a more refined look. The procedure is often chosen to define upper arms, create stronger-looking pectorals, defined upper and lower back, defined abdominal flanks, and an athletic six pack. The results of VASER Hi-Def LipoSculpture are usually seen immediately post op but best results are seen after 4 to 6 months