Revision Lipo and Tummy tuck


Revision liposuction is also known as secondary liposuction. Revision liposuction is normally performed a long time after the primary liposuction. It is in every case better to sit tight for all the swelling and wounding to die down before any revision procedure. Revision liposuction is even more challenging than the primary liposuction procedure because they require more aesthetic finesse to perfect the concerns of the patient that were not addressed in the initial surgery. Usually, patients prefer revision liposuction. It is because prior surgery didn’t remove desired fat. Liposuction, like many other cosmetic surgery procedures, is extremely “operator dependent” which means a great deal of the result depends on the skills, judgment and experience of the surgeon.

It should be remembered that liposuction decreases the overall fat cell concentration in a particular area, but the remaining fat cells can still increase in size by storing more and more fat, thereby partially recreating your original trouble area. Liposuction is not meant to be a free pass to eat everything you want after surgery because your body can continue to grow and expand with overeating.