Nanofat – Skin Rejuvenation

The most noticeable parts of the human body when outside is the face, the neck, and of course the skin. The skin on exposure to sunlight and dust gets affected the most. We sometimes come across an entirely changed skin colour due to these factors. To maintain the original skin state or get an even better one, doctors have remedies available that can rejuvenate your skin. One such remedy is the Nanofat Skin Rejuvenation. Dr Claudine Roura recommends using this technique as it does not contain any content from outside your body. This is accomplished by coupling the healing powers of fat taken from our own body with its regenerating features and creating Nanofat particles for the skin.

The Nanofat procedure does not actually inject fat cells into the skin. It is injecting everything around the fat cells that help the collagen and elastin to grow. The procedure removes large fat cells while preserving the growth factors and Nano Fat derived stem cells which help in the restoration of the skin.

Age has been a factor everyone wants to avoid. Who does not want to reset the ageing clock? Today we have cosmetic treatments that can preserve the collagen and the elasticity of the skin. This is done by Nanofat microneedling technique. It is used for enhancing the quality of the skin, tone and elasticity, and in the process recovering the steady, charming and beautiful skin. The scar marks that exist on our body can also be removed similarly.

The Procedure

The procedure includes a micro liposuction procedure under local anesthesia using a syringe and a small cannula to harvest fat The next step is to filter it and then inject it into the target skin area using a fine needle or a microneedle stamp  The Stromal vascular fractions and Nano Fat derived stem cells derived from the fat contains the growth factors and regenerative cells that help repair aged and damaged skin.  Nanofat injections can also be done for burn scars, keloids, non healing wounds, hypertrophic and surgical scars.