LIPOMATRIX Rhinoplasty

The nose is a conspicuous feature of an individual’s face. It normally decides the attractive quality of a face. For some Asians, the European or western individuals’ high bridge nose is the thing that makes them look excellent and pretty. This is the reason numerous people select to do a nose lift to accomplish the nose that they so want. 

A rhinoplasty method that expects to raise the bridge of the nose or make the nose “higher” or “more grounded” is called an augmentation rhinoplasty as it “augments” or adds material to the nasal bridge. In whatever aesthetic procedure we go through, our objective remains the same – to have an improved look with a characteristic and consistent finish.

There are a lot of different materials used for rhinoplasty such as silicone, gore tex, Hiko threads, fillers.   In the olden days some non medical beauticians injected Silicone oils and even paraffin just to augment the dorsum of the nose.  Everything is artificial and all have their share of advantages and disadvantages. 


Dr. Claudine Roura has developed a special technique for rhinoplasty using all autologous grafts which she calls LIPOMATRIX RHINOPLASTY.


What is LipoMatrix Rhinoplasty?

LipoMatrix is an Autologous transplant made from your own fat and blood components.  It is injected into the nose to improve the height of the bridge, give support to the columella and give definition to the tip.  It is a safe, autologous graft with no rejection issues.  It is non surgical with minimal downtime and is considered a permanent graft.  


Process is harvesting around 10 ml of fat via a micro liposuction procedure using a syringe under local anesthesia.  Blood is extracted, the fibrinogen component is isolated and mixed with the fat.  The injection process is carried out under local anesthesia using blunt cannulas.


The result:

Seamlessly natural look and feel – The lipomatrix transplant feels like bone for the bridge, since it is autologous, once the graft takes then it is already a part of your nose. 

Zero rejection rate – With your nose enhancement looking and feeling natural with the Lipomatrix rhinoplasty, there is absolutely ZERO rejection since the material is not foreign and no untoward reaction is expected.

Minimal downtime – Immediately after procedure you would appreciate your new nose, the dorsum, the tip and the columellar structure are all reinforced and enhanced with the procedure.   Since there is no cutting, no deep dissections and no suturing, Downtime is minimal.  Expect some swelling in the first 3 days as some of the fluids are being absorbed.  No casting or taping is required as the lIpoMatrix once injected and molded, holds its shape and height throughout.  Expect some absorption of the fluids and tissue, with around a 10% absorption rate.   Best result is achieved in 1 to 2 weeks and is expected to be stable thereafter.  The LipoMatrix is expected to be almost permanent or long lasting.  Since this is a natural transplant, as we age our features change and we may need some touch ups in the future.