Hourglass lipo and Tummy tuck

Doesn’t matter, you eat the right stuff or exercise regularly, it’s hard to maintain the figure you want.

Dr. Claudine Roura offers the sought-after hourglass tummy tuck, an abdominoplasty procedure that tailors your body and accentuates the curves for an hourglass figure. During this, the fat will get removed from the abdominal area and enhance the hips and  buttocks. Also, excess skin will get removed from the abdomen, loose tissue gets tightened, and repairs diastasis of the rectus muscles, which leads to total body transformation.

What is an Hourglass tummy tuck?
The hourglass tummy tuck is a procedure to remove excess fat and skin from your abdomen and recreate the hourglass figure. Apart from this, It can also include reattaching separated abdomen muscles, also making them tighter and stronger.

Benefits of the HourGlass Tummy Tuck
Dr. Claudine Roura offers the HourGlass Tummy Tuck allowing large volume fat removal while strategically removing excess skin. This results in a flatter and tighter belly, creating a contoured hourglass figure. Ultimately this leads to better shape and a flatter abdomen, improved self-esteem.

An Hourglass tummy tuck addresses the following concerns:-
C Section Scars:-  Dr. Claudine Roura always successfully removes either type of C-section scars which are commonly horizontal, resting just above the pubic hairline, or be vertical, from the belly button down. And will be replaced by the new scar from the excision of the excess loose skin

Stretch Marks:-  An Hourglass tummy tuck will remove  stretch marks along with the loose skin.  

What happens during an HourGlass tummy tuck?
The HourGlass tummy tuck procedure consists of a combination of multiple surgical techniques: abdominal liposuction and liposuction on the flanks, abdominoplasty, and fat transfer to the hips. While performing an hourglass tummy tuck, the patient can feel more advantages and a better-contoured appearance of the body. The hourglass tummy tuck will not only just correct the front of the tummy but also remove all the imperfections of the midline area of the body. Moreover, the hourglass tummy tuck will eliminate excess fat from the body, creating a better shape and more alluring curves.

Recovery & Results

Dr. Claudine Roura is one of the famous Certified Cosmetic Surgeons in the Philippines and has performed so many hourglass tummy tuck surgeries. To achieve your hourglass figure, Dr. Claudine Roura will remove majority of your fat in the abdominal area during your HourGlass Tummy Tuck. Not only this, but she will also artfully sculpt your body into the perfect shape that is right for you and your looks. The HourGlass Tummy Tuck procedure will leave minimal scarring and is hidden in skin folds that can be covered by bikini underwear. It will let you show off your body with confidence! 

The rest depends on the Patient if they maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, they will enjoy the longevity of their results with an hourglass figure for years.


Dr. Claudine Roura is a highly acclaimed and experienced Cosmetic Surgeons serving the Philippines, US,  AUSTRALIA, New Zealand, MIDDLE EAST UK, and other Asian countries. So if you’re considering Hourglass lipo and Tummy tuck treatment to get perfect body shape, Call Dr. Claudine Roura’s office or schedule a consultation online today.