Facial Fat grafting – Fat transfer to face – Natural fat fillers

Facial Fat Grafting, also known as Fat Injections Or Autologous Fat Transfer. In This procedure, your body fat is used to plump up sunken areas of your face to give them volume. With our Facial Fat grafting procedure, you will get rid of fine lines, frown lines, and wrinkles. Most commonly people ask for Facial Fat grafting when they have under-eye bags or dark circles, want to add volume to sunken cheeks, or have crow’s feet and want to get rid of it.  Areas of the face to be treated include under eyes, cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, chin, jaw, lips, temples forehead and even the nose with the help of the Lipomatrix.

Our Facial Fat Grafting procedure will have you tighten the skin of your face by adding volume to it, also Reuse your fat by giving you liposuction elsewhere which leads to double the benefit of creating a youthful glow while maintaining a gorgeous figure. 

Our procedure of facial fat grafting is done in 3 phases since it involves first a liposuction technique that is used to harvest  fat usually from the tummy where it is the best donor site.  It is done through tiny incisions that leave almost no scarring on that body part. Then these fat cells get carefully cleaned and resized by doctors will be injected into the desired area by using blunt cannulas.  It is well performed under local anesthesia and is a daycare procedure. The results of the facial fat grafting procedure is immediate, however, there will be minimal swelling and absorption of fluids.    Best results are seen after a week and stable at that.   Fat grafting to the face is considered permanent when they take,, whatever fat that is left after 3 months is considered permanent and long lasting.  Our features change as we age and since this is a natural transplant, we may need some touch ups in the future.  Autologous Fat transfers is the safest procedure as there is less chance of infection since it takes fat from your own body and reuses it on your face. That’s why many surgeons, including ours, believe facial fat grafting is the best path for facial enhancement. 

Dr. Claudine Roura is a well known and experienced cosmetic surgeon who has performed many successful surgeries with great results. Not only our facial fat grafting procedure, but our  Natural fat fillers will also help your skin in achieving a smooth and natural look.  The stem cells derived from the fat rejuvenates the skin,  improves skin tone, skin quality, stimulates new collagen formation and overall fresh younger looking skin.   Our natural fat filters will give  Smooth and natural-looking results with Ideal projection and lifting.  

Facial Fat grafting is also a fairly mild process that requires at least a week to get perfect and later on you can return to work and other everyday activities. For better results, patients should give adequate time to heal properly. Ideally,  after this procedure, you will see yourself—looking several years younger than earlier or with better facial contour. Fat grafting works best when it is used to restore youthful facial contours, not create new ones. Our facial fat grafting procedure restores volume to the face because it is designed more for facial contouring. . Patients who have facial sagging and aging are usually served better with fat transfer to restore lost volume on the face and often combined with other procedures such as a facelift.