Brazilian butt-lift or BBL surgery

Brazilian Butt Lift is one of our signature procedures at ROURA AESTHETIC INSTITUTE. The term “Brazilian Butt Lift” in its most generalized form means to transfer the fat from the other parts of the body to the buttocks. As we know with significant weight loss and increasing age, the buttocks sag and lose volume. Patients who seek an increase in size, shape, appearance, and proportion to their butt typically request the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure which is known as Gluteal Sculpting.


Nowadays it has become a coveted goal for many people to have round and firm buttocks, But most of them are unable to achieve what they want. But with our Brazilian Butt Lift procedure  In just a few hours, you can have a more attractive derriere. our Buttock Lift procedure is designed to create a youthful shape and position to the buttock. 

In the Brazilian Butt Lift process, we use a combination of liposuction and fat grafting. The Process starts with anesthesia ( numbing medication ) then, we use liposuction To remove fat from other areas of the body such as hips, stomach, and thighs and Inject them where necessary to give the butt a proper, attractive shape to your buttocks. Brazilian Butt Lift procedure Uses humans own purified fat from unwanted areas to give your bottom A more lifted, larger appearance.


The amount of fat that has to be transferred to Buttock depends on the desired look of a person trying to achieve. During the process, we can inject as much as the buttock cheek Can hold.

Brazilian Butt Lift is a popular procedure for those seeking to enhance their bodies. Generally, over 70 ℅ of the injected fat cells survive. A buttock augmentation Will require wearing a compression garment for 3 weeks full time, you will Be required to avoid sitting on your bottom to get better results. 


Dr. Claudine Roura offers a Brazillian butt-lift procedure with excellent results after healing. Fat graft survival is at 70 percent of the fat remains when injected into the buttocks properly and under all the right conditions. Usually, whatever fat remains after three months will remain permanently in the body. Moreover, patients do not have to worry about any kind of rejection because the fat which is added to their butt is their own.

We have an impeccable safety record with the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure and this is due to our rigorous policies and our experience. We perform the complete procedure with professionalism to get the best results. our buttock lift can give you a more toned appearance that you want to achieve.  Our Buttock lift results are very long-lasting, But just Keep in mind that maintaining a stable weight is crucial for retaining your results.