Our arm tuck procedure is aimed at surgically improving the appearance of your upper arms to reduce arm flabbiness or excess skin. It tightens the underlying tissue of arms that support the fat and skin in these regions. With years of experience, we have taken body-contouring procedures to the next level of medical and technological advances.

An arm tuck is a highly complex body-contouring procedure, that’s why we take a patient’s overall objectives and health into consideration as a priority to ensure the patient’s safety. Usually, Upper arm skin tends to get dropped with growing age and after significant weight loss. Yes, With Exercise you may strengthen and improve the underlying muscle tone of the upper arm, but it cannot remove or change any extra skin in your arm that has lost its elasticity. But the arms tuck procedure will let you get rid of sagging skin hanging from your arms.

Our Arm tuck procedure which is also known as  Brachioplasty will help you to get your arms in the shape you want them. It is usually performed under a general anesthetic and it may take up to three hours to be done. Under this procedure, the surgeon removes extra fat with liposuction, then the surgeon makes a cut on the inner surface of your upper arm to remove excess skin,  the incision is hidden in the axillary fold and sometimes extended to the inner arm.  I.

To maintain the results of Brachioplasty for longer periods depends on you, again the skin of your upper arms may start sagging if you gain and lose a large amount of weight in the future. As You must also expect a certain degree of natural sagging as you age will grow. Scarring will fade in time but keep patience because fading of scars may take around a year or so.

The results of our Arm Tuck procedure are visible almost instantly in most cases. But you should wait up to 3 or 6 months for the better results to show up. If you wish to, You can resume exercise between the 4th and 6th week of surgery. Once the swelling subsides and scars settle under your upper arm, you will be immensely pleased with your new look and also will confer the additional advantage of improving the dimpled and irregular skin appearance.

As arm tuck procedure carries some risk too like an allergic reaction,  bleeding or infection, blood clotting, prolonged swelling, and unsightly, inflamed, or itchy scarring. So It is always preferable to have this procedure done by a surgeon who is specially trained to perform it and has a lot of experience in carrying out this type of surgery. Dr. Claudine Roura is an expert in Brachioplasty, has performed successful surgeries, and delivered impressive results ie more toned-looking arms that no longer jiggle when you move.